Friday, November 21, 2014

Cable network graph on

Quick follow-up to my Fixing the cable post from last year.

I never looked for anything else after Cosm went down to plot the numbers from my cable modem. There wasn't really a good enough alternative and I couldn't be bothered.

Since then SparkFun has launched their data service which seemed nice but didn't provide a plotting feature so again, I couldn't be bothered.

Then along came which does exactly that so now I don't have an excuse to put off updating the script anymore.

The link is

It has some limited use for me because I can check how temperature affects things and if something breaks I can see whether it was the result of a long-term process or not.

Otherwise I promise that it's just as interesting as watching paint dry.


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    1. Thanks for the heads up. New site's looking good!
      Removed the comment because I wasn't sure if you wanted the link to be public.
      If you let me know when the site goes live I'll update the post and link to the stream there.