Wednesday, November 26, 2014

[Random Teardowns] Hyundai 30GB USB microdrive

Device: Hyundai Digital 30GB USB microdrive
Origin: DX / China
Reason for teardown: Died
Impressions: Didn't mind the construction of this but it always took over 30 seconds to enumerate on USB. Maybe I should have sent it back immediately but well.. it did work. Until a few days ago.
This thing is essentially a 1" Samsung Spinpoint HU030HA 30GB ZIF/PATA microdrive and a usb interface board with an obscure Moai M110E interface chip.

The Moai chip appears shorted. Maybe I can buy a ZIF interface board to save the data off the drive at least as it still seems functional.

UPDATE 2015/Dec:

The drive works. I bought a PATA ZIF adapter and a PATA USB HDD enclosure so the original owner can use it once more in a slightly (understatement) bigger form factor. Also: one xmas present down.
I believe most chinese PATA ZIF adapters will work fine with these drives. 

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