Wednesday, November 1, 2006

ZipIt NFS Jukebox files

Here it is. New file, should fix problems. (I hope this is GPL compliant, edited portions of code are supplied in the archive.)
Okay so, this SHOULD work on ANY ZipIt with a linux image that has the ZipIt audio drivers(wm8751l.o,ep7212_audiodma.o,zipitaudio.o) and can mount NFS as everything besides playmp3 is static linked and I included working libs for playmp3.
Just unpack the file to the root of an NFS share and mount that to /mnt on the zipit (mount -t nfs -o nolock,tcp,intr ip:shared_dir /mnt)
then type
and relief should start up. Put your mp3s and FLACs on that NFS share and you're good to go :)

ffmpeg suffers from a reported bug with FLAC files that hasn't been fixed yet. for me this meant that it couldn't play 1 file from about 30. YMMV, until it's fixed recoding with a different version of flac should help.

if flac files don't play(like.. at all) you probably don't have write access to /dev, just delete /dev/mouse if you have one then cp /dev/null /dev/mouse, plus delete /dev/dsp and mknod /dev/dsp c 245 4 manually and it should work.

if flacs play and mp3s don't and you don't have /dev/zipaudio replace /dev/zipaudio with /dev/dsp in /mnt/players/mp3play (with any text editor)

I modified playmp3 to load stuff from /mnt (/lib/ -> /mnt/ and -> /mnt/ so if you want to integrate playmp3 into your mmc filesystem or anything get the original version from a few entries back (Zipit Modding entry, too lazy to link) and place the .so files (renamed to their original filenames) into your lib dir.

When in the file browser don't press enter on files, press a to add a file or shift+a to add all supported files in the directory.

Kill the battery monitor loop, I don't have it in my mmc init scripts and I just noticed when I tried without an mmc card that it produces skips whenever it refreshes. if you have it running do kill -STOP [pid of loop_batlvl] and kill [pid of sleep 60] before running relief

Good luck :)