Friday, January 20, 2006

Cornice Dragon dissected

I bought a usb data store with a broken microdrive for 10 bucks. I wasn't sure about hdd being broken in it but I thought it's worth 10 bucks even if it is. It was kind of beyond repair (didn't spin the disc up, just clicking) so I took it apart. Thought I'd put some piccies up.

This is what the microdrive originally looks like:

and here's mine without the stickers:

and the underside

NO screws need to be unscrewed for disassembly, in fact the two lower screws hold the head so you especially don't want to mess with those. Only thing needed is to remove the stickers and bend these little pegs out:

Then the top cover and the hdd can be separated like so:

Damn thing is small :-)

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