Sunday, December 14, 2008

Boards 08

Photos I have of the random things I put together this year, since we're nearing the end of it.

First up:

This is some level shifter and 3.3v regulator combo, It's intended purpose I don't really remember. Uses Maxim components. I ended up using just the 3.3v reg part of it. PCB was made with PnP Blue, and perma-marker

This is a board for 4 TIL311 displays ics(shown left), it's still sitting in my drawer, with TILs soldered in. Same PCB making method, this is going to be the same for everything else as well.

This is a single cell LiIon charger. Uses a Linear tech. charger ic (on the left) It was left over from the samples I ordered for repairing the Zipit1s

This is a lead acid smart charger board, that I never finished from here.

This is a lead acid battery desulfator from here.

Now this is a SPI (bios) flash programmer. It's based on this one made by Sergey Kiselev It uses a 74HC04 instead of the CD4049. I've only multimeter-tested it sofar. Built it for a mis-flashed motherboard I bought on the cheap. Still waiting for C2D prices to fall, so I've shelved this along with the mobo. (I'm a cheap bastard)

Okay this is.. modern art! Functionalitywise it's a low power step-up transformer. (really)

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