Thursday, October 1, 2009

Miniature 5V Boost Converter for USB

This is an almost completely "by-the-datasheet" implementation of a Linear Technology LTC3462 Boost Converter. Using an almost perfect copy of the recommended board layout. It should be able to deliver 5V @ close to 1A from a single cell Lithium Ion battery, making it ideal for powering USB devices. It does look a bit convoluted, but it works fine, unlike the board I carelessly designed for it the first time. Truth be told it could've been a diode issue with that board, but I don't feel like tracking it down, now that this works. Sadly my choice of schottkies at home came down to 0.6A, which was insufficient and the 4A I ended up using. Nothing inbetween, and nothing in a regular axial diode package. I'll need to buy some BAT54s the next time I order parts. Now as for what I'm actually going to use this for, I'll write that in a couple of weeks.

For size comparison:

No eagles this time. The recommended pcb layout is on page 6 of the datasheet.

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