Monday, November 29, 2010

RF Remote Control v2

Made another remote control for my RF light switch. Pretty much the same as before but on a smaller PCB. Also ended up putting it in an old Maxim sample box.

I found a couple of button nubs in my junk box so decided to go with those. Even so I had to raise the buttons with pieces of rubber. A piece of tape keeps the buttons from falling out when the box is opened and also adds some tolerance for misalignment.

PCB made with PnP Blue, the 12v battery is soldered.

Here it is working:

Board: here
ATTINY13 source: here (set framesize:8, softstack:16 in bascom compiler settings, fusebits configured to 9.6mhz internal OSC)

D6, D3, VCCZNR = 5.1V Zeners
R1 = 100ohm 1k
R3,R4 = 2.2k
R5,R7 = 10K
R11 = 10K
Q1 = some small RF transistor (I used MPSH10)
C1 = 1pF
C2= 2pF (these are not critical)
C3 = Trimmer cap ideally 1-5pF
C4= 2200pF
D1,D2 = 1n4148 or similar
L1 = 1uH
L2 = swapped out for 4pF cap

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