Thursday, August 30, 2012

[Random Teardowns] WILLHI WH7016 Digital Thermostat

Decided to start posting teardown mini-articles from time to time. These will mostly be photos with the odd comment here and there.

The subject of the first in the series:

Device: WILLHI WH7016 Digital Thermostat
Origin: eBay / China
Reason for teardown: Curiosity
Impressions: A solid build for how cheap the thing is.

Small update:
Bought another one of these in 2014. Same model from what I could tell but severely diminished functionality(can only set temp to whole degrees even though it measures to .1, no alarm function, hysteresis only works in one direction, single (albeit higher current) relay). Also higher power consumption, lower quality plastic and it feels a lot less responsive. I could swear it also cost more than the first one did, hrmm...

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