Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Pixil on the ZipIt

Okay so I've been playing around with Pixil which is like a syncable PDA operating system running on linux, and of course I wanted to compile it for the ZipIt.

First I had to get nano-X working correctly, there was a patch but that actually made things worse(screen corruption), ended up disabling the ZIPIT_TRANSLATION driver it added. Tried the INVERT4BPP driver which also appeared to cause some glitches so in the end I tried the SA1100_LCD_LTLEND driver and ran lcdpal 0 after the nano-X server Pixil WM started up, it worked perfectly.

I also compiled in SERMOUSE support, and connected a serial mouse through a max232 as I noticed in prior tests that Pixil is pretty much useless without a mouse :/

I was also having problems taking good pictures of this screen (this one's the one I did the crappy backlight mod on and I still have no inverter for it)

so I coded up a quick tool to convert 4bpp raw bitmap data directly from the framebuffer (cat /dev/fb0 >file) to 8bpp raw bitmap data (exe, source) which can already be opened and converted with Irfanview.

The outcome: Pixil on the Zipit (altough with an old serial mouse hooked up)


Fixed them :-) Couple of things don't work (that includes the web browser sadly that doesn't even compile) but the basic PDA functions work fine. Games on the other hand do not. Neither does anything that uses dynamic libraries (but that's probably a problem with my buildroot which I am too lazy to look into)

the OSK is kinda broken.. the keys get a bit wonky after pressing, the scribble tool works fine though (yeah.. neither is of any use on the ZipIt)

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