Friday, October 13, 2006

Zipit Modding Cleaner, Faster, Stronger

Got two more ZipIts off ebay, one for an average price slightly used, the other broken (in great condition though) I opened the broken one up and quickly diagnosed the problems, firstly the 3.3volt stepdown was burnt, still having a free sample from Linear tech I replaced it and the zipit started up, I noticed that it didn't charge the battery so the next step was replacing the LiIon charger ic (gotta love free samples)

and I had a completely functional ZipIt. Learning from past mistakes I decided on a few things.I wanted from modding this.

Firstly I really didn't want to worry about the stability of the MMC socket mount so I decided to use 5 minute epoxy but not wanting to rely just on glue I also applied a bit of sulphuric acid and soldered the socket onto the RF shield.

I can pretty much trust it now without worries.

Secondly I wanted to do the MMC mod's "soldering to resistors thing" only ONCE and I wanted to forget about it afterward.

So I used better wiring than last time and a blob of transparent 5 minute epoxy instead of hot glue to secure it

and last but not least I wanted the slit that I had to cut out from the casing to "just fit" without the tremendous amount of excess that I cut out last time.

and for the sake of keeping it clean I didn't do a serial port mod. I also didn't commit the mistake of dismantling the screen to do the backlight mod. That turned out horrendously last time.

I'm really satisfied with this one

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  1. I recently bought one off ebay for 20 bucks, and it looks pretty good. I doubt i could do any of this though.


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