Monday, October 30, 2006

ZipIt, the WiFi music player

Here's what I've been fooling around with today.I wanted to turn the zipit into a music player since I got the first one but for reasons I've already detailed in another blog entry it will never make a good standalone music player, however it makes a great wireless network jukebox.

I modded and compiled Relief which is a text-mode file browser, playlist manager and music player frontend, and now have it running fine on the zipit.

So why not MOC, cplay, ? Well I've been looking for frontends for a while now but besides cplay and MOC I couldn't really find anything worth mentioning. I didn't want to use cplay because it needs python and MOC would've needed tremendous rework. Relief is simple, small and does what it's supposed to.

As for the players, I'm using the Cirrus decoder for mp3s (of course) and a modified version of ffplay for FLACs.

I've tested with 320kbit/sec MP3 and random FLAC files, they play fine from NFS without a single skip or stutter.

I couldn't get OGGs to work with ffplay but didn't really bother either as I don't use OGG. As for Musepack it's too much for the CPU (libmpcdec is anyway, 15 seconds decompression for 2 seconds audio...)

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